Ch. 6

Photo from GAMBIA at mealtime - 1942.
Pte. Bicheno BICHENO whom I met in the Military Hospital is third from the left.
Note one guy below wears an Aussie Army hat.

British troops somewhere in an African colony during the war

Photo from GAMBIA - 1942.
Pte. Bicheno is second from right.
I note there are two Australians among them

Bicheno's gun squad. Bicheno is standing first on the left.
Was it in Gambia or North Africa? or in Britain?

Saint Helena, a British island in South Atlantic Ocean, where Napoleon was exiled and died.

Photo given to me in Capetown on
3 June 1943 by an English soldier who spent 2 years in Saint Helena.


Another British soldier I met while in Retreat Military Hospital, Cape Province, South Africa.
Bill Bawden published his verses in a local South African paper while in Capetown.
He autographed one cutting for me and gave me his address in England

BILL BAWDEN (William H. Bawden)
c/o "The Shields Gazette"
Reporter's Room'


Verses by Bill Bawden

Some unidentified British soldiers

Some unidentified British soldiers

Can't remember his name

More verses by Bill Bawden in South African paper

Road accident.
Note an Indian or Ghurka driver in turban — typical member of wartime British Colonial troops

Somewhere in Africa during the war (before 1943)

I cannot remember who was there and where was it ?

Mother and son in South African Army Medical Corps

To Frank from Mrs Cullen, 14 Norfolk Road, Observstory, Cape Town"

Mrs Cullen met me on a street in Cape Town. She saw my Polish Army badge, talked to me and invited home to meet her family.

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